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Susana Bloch and her collaborators
Bloch, S. (1956) “Efecto de drogas estimulantes y depresoras en la adquisición y utilización de hábitos, en ratas albinas”

“Alba Emoting: A Revolution in Emotion for the Actor”

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The student inhales deeply through the nose into her abdomen, then releases breath trough her mouth in short bursts, trying to

“Emotion Training and the Mind/Body Connection: Alba Emoting and the Method”

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Dr. Pamela D. Chabora currently serves as a performer and master teacher with a focus in performance training at Theatre West Virginia and Mountain State University

“Alba Emoting ™: A New Tool for Working with Emotions in Experiential Psychotherapy”

– Kalawski, J. Pablo. PSYKHE, Vol. 7 N˚2, 1998 (63-74)
Alba Emoting™ is a physical method to help recognize, induce, express and regulate the basic emotions. This is achieved through specific breathing, postural and facial behaviours.

"Learning Alba Emoting"

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Susana Bloch, having conducted lectures and workshops at conferences of the Association for Theatre

“Dealing with Emotional Hangover: Cool-down and the Performance Cycle in Acting”

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Richard Geer earned his Ph.D. in Performance Studies at Northwestern University and is director of

Alba Emoting: A Preliminary Experiment with Emotional Effector

Patterns”.Theatre Topics 3.2 (Sept. 1993): 139-145.
Alba Emoting is a tool for actors to summon emotion at will through respiratory-facial-postural actions that trigger the physiological components of emotion, developed.

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Gründer des Theater Neumarkt Zürich und Begründer, Leiter und langjähriger Dozent der Zürcher Schauspiel-Akademie

“Alba Emoting and emotional melody: surfing the emotional”

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Alba Emoting is a tool for actors to summon emotion at will through respiratory-facialpostural actions that trigger the physiological components of emotion

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Acting (Re)Considered is a challenging and extraordinarily eye-opening collection of seminal essays about intercultural theories of acting