Bloch, S. (2003)
As Alba Emoting started to become a very useful tool for actor training, Prof. Hyrum Conrad, from the Department of Theatre in Birmingam

“Precise respiratory-posturo-facial patterns are related to specific basic emotions”

Susana Bloch & Madeleine Lemingnan
The study of emotions has been approached from different directions.

Extracts from the book “The Alba of Emotions”

Susana Bloch
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“Dealing with Emotional Hangover: Cool-down and the Performance Cycle in Acting”

Richard Geer
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“A Revolution in Emotion: The Alba Technique”

Patricia Angelin
I have been acting, off-Broadway, for 48 weeks a year since 1976.

“A revolution in emotion for the actor”

Routledge (NY, London), Dec. 2002, pp 205-219
The student inhales deeply through the nose into her abdomen, then releases through her mouth in short bursts

“Alba Emoting: A psychophysiological technique to help actors create and control real emotions”

Susana Bloch
Bernard writes about a great actress who had just finished playing a role in which she had vividly expressed

3 “Rejoinder to comments on “Effector patterns of basic emotions”

Susana Bloch
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“Effector patterns of basic emotions: a psychophysiological method for training actors”

Susana Bloch, Pedro Orthus & Guy Santibáñez
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Adapted EXTRACTS concerning William James

By Susana Bloch, JUNE, 2012.
All these years, during which I have lived with Alba Emoting, I have encountered unexpected well-known allies in this subject, such as Shakespeare, Garcia Lorca, Diderot, Artaud